Geoffrey Grosenbach

Geoffrey Grosenbach designs, produces, and publishes the acclaimed PeepCode Screencasts for web developers and alpha geeks. PeepCode publishes cutting edge training videos on jQuery, Git, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, JavaScript, Node.js, and other topics.

He holds a degree in Philosophy and has taught computer-related concepts to people of all ages including business people in Seattle, grade school students in Taiwan, and Ruby developers around the world.

Keynote - Code & Creativity

English, 50 minutes.

How does one start with nothing and make something? When we write computer programs, we start with only our thoughts. One can improve one's skills and write better programs by using techniques well known to creative artists: scratchpads, prototypes, thought streams, side projects.

王建興 Qing Wang

學經歷: 目前是聖藍科技技術長,同時也是清華大學資訊工程學系博士候選人,研究興趣包括電腦網路、點對點網路、分散式網路管理、以及行動式代理人,近年來,在手機應用程式開發,也有濃厚的興趣。專長是物件導向程式設計、設計模式、軟體架構、分散式系統、以及 Internet 應用程式,特別是網路多媒體應用軟體的開發。曾參與過的開發專案性質十分廣泛而且不同,從ERP、PC Game到P2P網路電話都在他的涉獵範圍之內。於 iThome 電腦報《程式人》專欄不定期寫作。
1. 侯捷,王建興,《Essential C++中文版》,碁峰,2001
2. 侯捷,王建興,《Thinking in Java 4nd Edition中文版》,碁峰,2002
3. 王建興,王舜正,《Thinking in Java 4th Edition中文版》,碁峰,2008
1. 分散式計算
2. 電腦網路

Keynote - 從 Java Programmer 的觀點來看 Ruby

Chinese, 50 minutes.

Yuki Sonoda 園田裕貴

Yuki Sonoda is the Ruby 1.9 release manager. She is known as "Yugui" in the Ruby community. She has improved development process of the programming language Ruby. Now she manages release process of the Ruby 1.9 series.

Ruby 1.9.3 and Ruby 1.9 development

English, 30 minutes.

Ruby 1.9.3 is going to be released. Feature changes in Ruby 1.9.3 are
not so large but there are some interesting features. Also some
implementation in YARV has changed.
I would like to introduce this new stable release of Ruby 1.9 series.

Chris Eppstein

Chris Eppstein is the Software Architect at, the creator of the Compass stylesheet framework, and a Sass core team member. Chris is an active member of the Ruby open source community having created or contributed to over 50 open source projects.

Sass: The Future of Stylesheets

English, 50 minutes.

Let’s face it. CSS is dumb. There is no such thing as a DRY CSS file and stylesheets are often the biggest blemish in an otherwise beautifully coded app. Sass is the future of stylesheets. Rails 3.1 includes it by default and the W3C is adding concepts from Sass to CSS itself. This talk will cover the rationale behind Sass, the language features it provides, and best practices you can apply to start untangling your stylesheets. Chris Eppstein, the creator of Compass and Sass core team member will present.

呂旺燊 Wang-Shen Lu

Wang-Shen Lu is Rails developer of Handlino Inc. in Hsinchu. When someone hates command line

Chinese, 30 minutes.
  • Someone hates command line
  • Ruby GUI
  • JRuby + SWT

Lin Jen Shin

"Lin Jen Shin (godfat) is a programmer who works for Cardinal Blue Software, loving computer games, open source, Haskell and self-referential jokes, such as: %p=~/(.+)/;puts(($1%%$1)[/: (.+)/,1])"=~/(.+)/;puts(($1%$1)[/: (.+)/,1])

A modular Ruby REST client collection/infrastructure

Chinese, 30 minutes.

In this era of web services and mashups, we have seen a blooming of REST APIs. One might wonder, how do we use these APIs easily and elegantly? Since REST is very simple compared to SOAP, it is not hard to build a dedicated client ourselves.

We have developed rest-core with composable middlewares to build a REST client, based on the effort from rest-graph. In the cases of common APIs such as Facebook, Github, and Twitter, developers can simply use the built-in dedicated clients provided by rest-core, or do it yourself for any other REST APIs.

Nick Sutterer

Nick Sutterer appreciates the beauty of elegant code, and the value of
open source software. Through his tireless development and advocacy of
the Cells and Apotomo gems, he has brought the concepts of
component-oriented UI development to the world of Rails, proving that
there should be no such thing as a double-render error, and that one
need not be slave to the great monolithic view mentality. Also, he
would like to have beer with you.

CRUD Is Not REST - Hypermedia For Y'All

English, 30 minutes.

REST is an architectural style for distributed systems. However, many implementations forget about the distributed part of REST and simply map CRUD operations to HTTP verbs in a monolithic application. We're gonna go further and learn why hypermedia is the crucial part of REST architectures and how machines can browse resources just like humans using self-describing representations.

Monolithic applications are boring, so let's separate things and create a REST system as it is intended to be. Let's build a simple system using the Roar gem, Rails and Sinatra and discuss the benefits and drawbacks we get from distributed hypermedia systems.

林聖哲 Sheng-Zhe Lin

Sheng-Zhe Lin is a Rails Developer and Linux System Administrator at Techbang. He loves vim and command line tools. His goal is become a Rails SA Ninja, keep agile and moves silent.

Rails SA Practice

Chinese, 30 minutes.
  1. Rails Production Server
  2. Rails and Server Monitoring
  3. Nginx and Passenger Tuning
  4. Load Balancing on Rails
  5. Rails Backup Solution

  1. Rails 環境建置最佳實務
  2. Rails 伺服器監控
  3. Nginx 和 Passenger 調校
  4. Rails 負載平衡
  5. Rails 備份策略

Allen Cheng 鄭緯綸

Allen Cheng is the founder of RulingDigital, which is now the biggest academic CMS provider in Taiwan, and is planning to switch all his thousands and keep growing websites from PHP to Rails. And then, open the CMS.

Christophe Vilayphiou 林順發

Christophe Vilayphiou worked with Ruby at, a SaaS company in France for 2 years, and now works in RulingDigital as the project leader of new product development.

Matthew Kaito Fu 傅儒淵

Matthew was a volunteer for building a church information system using Ruby on Rails. He is enthused at reach out more people and love to use IT for helping those might in need.
He loves Ruby's high efficient and believe is a great tool for achieving his dream.

An Open CMS with MongoDB

English, 30 minutes.

It’s a disaster for a small company to maintain a self-developed CMS with thousands of clients. Each time the codes have been modified and we need to upgrade thousands of online websites, especially some websites have been customized, it’s a waste of customer service human resource. Now, we are using Rails and MongoDB to overcome the difficulty of upgrade. After the issue is solved, the bonus is that we can now open the system and invite other parties to join the development, create new functionalities and modules; meanwhile, we can still provide stable customer service of maintaining thousands and more online website.

Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore (Optimis International) I am a ruby/rails developer working for OptimisCorp in Taiwan. I haven been involved with ruby, personally and professionally, for over 2 years. I tend to enjoy deploying to the cloud and have spent a lot of time working with Ruby on the Google App Engine. You can find more about me at github:

Writing custom DataMapper Adapters

English, 30 minutes.

DataMapper is a storage engine agnostic ORM, it can work just as well with a RDMS as with any another type of storage engine such as, but not limited to: no sequel stores (redis, mongo...), XML or yaml data source, etc. While many adapters already exist to connect DataMapper to a miriad of storage engines, there may not be one for your preferred storage engine or you may need to communicate with data from a legacy system. If this is the case I will introduce you to the clean and simple API used to write your custom DataMapper adapter.


李昆航,網路慣用暱稱為小蟹,帳號 wildjcrt ,是一位 Rails Developer,目前於 PIXNET 擔任程式設計師,主要負責維護、新功能與升級痞客邦 PIXNET 的化妝台頻道。
平常固定會參與 Ruby Tuesday 和 Rails Tuesday 活動,是 Rails Tuesday 協辦人,也曾於 Ruby Tuesday 演講新人入門經驗,另外不定期會參與 RGBA 等一些網路聚會。

Happy Programming - Next step after learning Rails CRUD

Chinese, 50 minutes.

參與過多次 Rails Tuesday之後,深覺許多有興趣撰寫 Rails 的程式設計師,在學完基本的 CRUD 以及一些基本的 plugin/gem 套用後,便茫然不知如何進行下一步。本演講以講者自身的經驗,配合幾個實用的工具,來讓新手可以繼續在 Rails Way 上前進。


  • CURD 會寫了之後,可以做基本的報修系統。
  • 實用網站 apidock、ruby-toolbox、rubygems、github
  • devise、omniauth
  • kaminari、nokogiri、simple_form、client_side_validations、ancestry、meta_search、richrc
  • 進修各種可用的工具 railscasts、ruby5、asciicasts、rubyshow


痞客邦 程式設計師,之前主要是寫PHP, 最近才跑來寫RAILS。

Rails 炸機實務 - 如何不要炸爛你家機器和你老闆的臉

Chinese, 50 minutes.
  • 起由 - 炸機,炸雞,傻傻分不清楚
  • 什麼! 測試不是叫使用者踩到雷再對客服靠北嗎? 什麼叫測試碼
  • 專案上測試碼的第一種狀況: 從新開始的專案
  • 專案上測試碼的第二種狀況: 已經被弄髒的專案

Chen Jack S Y

A social media explorer and a social network programmer from Hong Kong

Working in social & strategy team for brands at Isobar Hong Kong

Leading the development group for a social media platform, which is a Ruby + Rails + MongoDB project and gets along with Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo APIs

Worked in a startup company based in Hong Kong and Singapore, mainly for a social network Creative Commons platform

Worked in investment Dep., HSBC Hong Kong

Using Ruby in Social Media platform

English, 50 minutes.
  • The trends of social media in Internet industry

  • Benefit of using MongoDB, mongoid in storing social data

  • Streaming social data with AMQP

  • More tips for calling social network (Facebook, Twitter...) APIs


鄧慕凡, 遊戲界出身; 目前除了從事Ruby/Rails/Sinatra程式設計外, 也是台灣最大免費論壇系統FREEBBS.TW 與 遊戲公會網(GAMECLUB.TW)的創辦人之一.


Chinese, 30 minutes.

介紹Sinatra這套Ruby DSL Framework的基礎, 以及如何透過Sinatra輔助Rails

鄭伊廷 Yi-Ting Cheng

xdite is a well-known Rails developer in Taiwan. She is sepcialized in developing websites using cutting-edge technology.
xdite current leads a team developing

Essential Rails Design Pattern

Chinese, 50 minutes.

在開發 Rails 網站 時,Rails Developer 因為有著來自四面八方的背景,在不瞭解 Rails Way 的情況下,常常實作出一些詭異的設計,或者是對於某一些功能不知如何下手實作。本場 talk 將整理一些常見的 Rails Design Pattern。

包括分別在 Model / View / Controller 內應該正確的怎樣設計包裝 method,對於網站上一些常見的功能,如何善用 Rails 本身的 built-in feature 實作,Ex. 善用 RESTful 與 Responder 減少 code 量。如何 Extract Code 降低 code 重複性,ex 包裝成 module 或者是使用 presenter 等實作技巧

何澤清 Tse-Ching Ho

何澤清(Tse-Ching Ho),現職T客邦資深工程師。自2008年開始自學 Rails 2,喜愛研究各種 ruby gem 的架構,對於善用程式技術來打造實用度高的網站應用特別感興趣。

善用 Devise 建置會員系統

Chinese, 50 minutes.

開發網站,會員系統通常是必需的。如何快速建立一套自有機制,或串接其他系統(如 Facebook)無疑是基本技能。本教學課程將介紹會員系統的架構、運作方式,並利用 Devise 實作多套會員機制。

A membership system is required for an user oriented web site. How to quickly build a customized authentication system, including connected with Facebook like system, is a fundamental skill. This tutorial will introduce the architecture and mechanism of membership system, and use Devise to implement multi-authentication environment.

Mason Chang 張銘軒

鴻海工程師, 在公司內主要是利用Ruby的高速開發來寫一些提高生產力的工具
Me, who? HW => SW engineer at FXXCONN
Experienced languages => C/C++, Java, HDL, PIC Assembly, MIPS, MatLab, Fortran, Perl, Ruby
Why I use ruby => because I want to learn Rails
Why I use ruby in the company => because no one cares

Ruby on Windows

Chinese, 45 minutes.
  1. Why ruby? Why on Windows?
  2. Many rubies, what works on Windows?
  3. Common problems?
  4. most pure ruby libraries work out of the box
  5. Productivity usage
  6. Packaging and deploying

盧韋仁 Wei-Jen Lu

Wei-Jen Lu is Rails developer of Handlino Inc. in Hsinchu. He is also an active member of Ruby Taiwan community.

把鐵路開進視窗中,JRuby on Rails 在Windows 2008 R2中的配置方案

Chinese, 45 minutes.

Ruby on Rails的世界中,一直都只有Linux與Mac OS,可是根據IDC 2010的資料,Windows Server 的市佔率仍然高達75.3,沒有開窗,Ruby on Rails仍然是小眾。


  1. JRoR使用Microsoft SQLServer 2008
  2. 將JRoR配置到Tomcat中
  3. Background process
  4. 利用iText產製PDF檔,來說明怎麼站在Java的肩膀上。